The Lonestar Cares Foundation™

Because we do everything bigger in the Lone Star state... including how we care for others.


Alex Darke

(Founder, President)

"Just start. Take a deep breath and go. Every journey starts exactly the same way: with just one step."

Alex is a UNIX administrator from San Antonio, working with clients to solve their logistical problems while embracing new technologies on the internet.

Alex came to the Lone Star state in 2001.The death of a dear friend spurred Alex on to do something he never thought he could do: He rode a 545 mile bicycle trek to raise money for AIDS research. That ride spurred a commitment to fundraising for local charities in Texas. Alex is eager to see the end of HIV/AIDS. He does not want to see anyone else lose someone they care about to AIDS. As someone who was once a homeless teenager himself, he also has a close, personal connection to working with homeless youth and the hardships they face.

In his spare time, Alex is an avid gamer, novice quilter, puppy wrangler, and an obsessive picture straightener.



John "Jack" Landers

(Founder, Treasurer)

“Each of us alone is as weak as a single stick. Together, we become strong. Slender threads woven together create unstoppable strength.”

John is a systems architect, forcing computers to do the bidding of his clients.

While John wasn’t born in Texas, he got here as fast as he could, arriving in the Lone Star state in 1986 and making Austin his home in 1990. In 2011, a friend suggested John ride a bike for a good cause, so he got on his bike and hasn’t gotten off since. In 2013, John did one impossible thing: he rode his bike 545 miles to raise money to end AIDS and the stigma surrounding HIV. He did more than he thought possible, and it cemented the notion that he could do even more: that someday we really can end AIDS. Doing one impossible thing made him realize that truly, anything is possible.

In addition, John is an avid urban cyclist, kitten herder and tandem driver.


James "Brian" Maclaskey

(Founder, Secretary)

"True compassion is not limited by the separateness of pity, nor by the fear of being overwhelmed. When we come to rest in the great heart of compassion, we discover a capacity to bear witness to, suffer with, and hold dear with our own vulnerable heart the sorrows and beauties of the world.” -Jack Kornfield

James is an illustrator and print maker living in Austin, Texas.

Growing up in Central Texas led to an interest in helping marginalized populations or supporting those facing discrimination or injustice. Through the medium of bicycling, Brian has raised money for AIDS research by riding 545 miles through California with some friends. After being inspired by such a feat, he has decided to help make a difference in his local community along with his fellow riders. With a strong and compassionate perspective, Brian seeks to really help those suffering from HIV/AIDS and their loved ones.

In 2015 he began working with The Lonestar Cares Foundation™, and is excited to use his specific skill set to help those in need in the local community.

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Lonestar DASH™

Riding your bicycle across Texas may seem like an insurmountable task, but we promise you that you CAN do it. Starting in Dallas and riding through Austin, San Antonio, and Houston before we end on the beach for a celebratory bonfire is just the framework. What happens along the ride will help at risk communities here in our state, continue the battle against HIV/AIDS, and change your life. Registrations are now open for our 2017 ride. Come be a rider, a roadie, or just sign up as a virtual cyclist to help the cause!


Just One Night™

Were you aware that 40% of the homeless youth population in our country identifies as LGBT? To raise funds to assist them and to raise awareness of the issues facing homeless LGBT youth here in Texas, we're asking folks to fundraise and sleep rough for a night at a city park in San Antonio.


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